Childcare Agreement Terms

Opening Times 2018/2019

Open Monday to Friday 7.30am - 6.00pm, closed all Bank Holidays

Christmas 2018

Close at 6pm on Friday 21st December 2018 & re-open Thursday 3rd Jan 2019

Summer 2019

Closed 5th to 9th August 2019 Inclusive

• I am an Ofsted registered Childminder and Ofsted registered as ‘Childcare on Domestic premises’ I am restricted to the number and ages of children that I can care for at any one time and operate under the appropriate registration depending on the circumstances.

• Annual Fees are normally divided into 12 equal monthly amounts payable monthly in advance.

• Universal and working parents funding is available to all qualifying only between 9:00am and 3:00pm 38weeks term time weekdays.

• You can take your child out at times and dates you wish. Missed time & sessions, fees remain payable. Fees are for provision of a place, not attendance.

• Sessions and days not interchangeable except as agreed in writing with Sharon Williams.

• A Place is only confirmed when in writing by Sharon and after receipt of 1 months fees to guarantee the place.

• Receipt of one month’s fees is required to secure your child’s place. If you do not take up the place, this is not refundable.

• Fees will be calculated from the start date agreed.

• Interest may be charged on late payments plus an administration charge. We may also suspend your child’s place until the fees have been paid. Fees accruing during this suspension are still payable.

• Any additional sessions are invoiced separately.

• Children cannot attend whilst we are closed.

• Little Squirrels reserve the option to be closed for a two week break should it be necessary & fees will be reimbursed or adjusted accordingly.

• Outside our stated opening hours are classified as 'unsocial hours' and can be charged at a higher rate.

• Snacks and drinks are freely available throughout the day and meals are provided within our enrichment fee.

• If your child does not attend, or you decide to give up your child’s place, fees are not refundable.

• Three calendar months’ notice is required in writing to cancel this contract or three months fees are charged in lieu of notice.

• Three calendar months’ notice is required to decrease or increase sessions on a regular basis, and is subject to availability. (Please see Policies & Procedures for more detail).

• Free of charge visits are provided as part of our settling in policy.

• Casual sessions may be available on request, subject to availability.

• In the unlikely event that Little Squirrels has to close due to unforeseen circumstances or adverse weather conditions, the fees are not refundable.

• We would be grateful if you inform us, in advance, if you intend to take your child out for a holiday etc.

• All children must be appropriately dressed mindful of the weather and activities.

• Little Squirrels & staff cannot be held responsible for any items brought into the setting. Sharp objects, damaged toys, string/cords, money and small choking hazard items are not allowed into the setting for the safety of all.

• You will receive 1 calendar month’s notice of any changes to the Contract and fees, which is subject to revision periodically.

• If we do not enforce any of our terms at any time, we do not prejudice the right to do so at any time.

• Further policies and additional detail of the contract which apply, are included in the Policies and Procedures document which you must read within the setting and are deemed to have agreed to by entering this contract.



The registered Childcare Provider agrees to:

• Care for the child during the contracted hours and at other times mutually agreed to.

• Comply with all requirements of registration laid down by statute and the Local Authority.

• Provide suitable developmental experiences appropriate to the age and stage of development of the child.

• Maintain appropriate insurance cover and comply with all requirements

• Give as much notice as possible of leave.

• Arrange cover for holidays and sickness with an alternative carer known to the child.

• Give at least 4 weeks’ notice of changes to fees and terms.

• Notify the parent or guardian of any accident or injury occurring whilst the child is in the care of the Childcare provider.

• Be available to discuss with parent/guardian, in private, the care and development of the child.

• Respect your privacy and confidentiality at all times.

• Provide the child with nutritionally balanced meals.

• Inform parents as soon as possible of any illnesses within the previous 24 hours.

• Ensure the child is appropriately restrained in any motor vehicle by a safety seat or straps according to the child’s age and weight.

• Manage the child’s behaviour without the use of physical punishment.

• Make time to explain anything to you which you are not clear about, please ask and it will be explained in detail.

The parent/guardian agrees to:

• Arrive and collect the child at the time agreed. In exceptional circumstances advise the Childcare provider (preferably by text) of delays as soon as you can.

• Notify the Childcare provider of any accidents or injuries to the child, since last in the care of the childminder, on arrival at the setting.

• Notify the Childcare provider of any issues concerning legal contact issues

• Notify the Childcare provider of any prescription medicines and any condition diagnosed as soon as possible after they have been prescribed/diagnosed and give written permission for the Childcare provider to administer it to the child.

• Provide daily toiletries required for the child; such as nappies, sunscreen, etc.

• Give at least four weeks’ notice of annual holiday and as much notice, of any leave as possible.

• Provide necessary information requested by the Childcare provider in connection with registration and notify the Childcare provider of any changes to that information as soon as you know (e.g. change to phone numbers, change of address, illness Legal contact etc).

• Ensure sharp objects, damaged toys, string/cords, money and small choking hazard items are not brought into the setting for the safety of all.

• Respect our privacy and confidentiality and that of all at our setting at all times.

• Be reasonably available to discuss with the Childcare provider the care and development of your child.

• Inform the Childcare provider if the child has been ill within 24 hours before any session and respect the Childcare providers right to decide whether or not to accept the sick child for minding.

• Accept that the Childcare provider will not use physical punishment in the discipline of children.

• Pay for additional sessions, times and service provided.

• Pay fees on time.